October 2017 School Club Roundup scores are listed below. These scores are preliminary and subject to verification and correction. Additional scores received by means other than the web submission form will be added in the near future. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Category: Elementary/Primary School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KD8NOM DEARS Dresden Elem. Amateur Radio Station ClubOH250,2941073447681550
KM4RE Russell Elementary Amateur Radio ClubGA201,8252062143391050
NG0E Mountain Lake Elementary SchoolMN2,90530352120012
K2GSG Garden SchoolNY1,7014027121438
KA1SG Hartford-Sumner Elementary SchoolME1,0505014100299
KM4TAY Ham-tietam at Antietam ESVA12860440044
K7UL McKinleyOR1270210001
Category: Middle/Intermed/JR High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K5LMS Lampasas Middle School Youth ARCTX356,58020849506102262
K4WBM William Byrd Middle SchoolVA74,400312115840417523
W9GRS Glenn Raymond School Science ClubIL57,288455138394121330
K4DMS DuBose Middle SchoolSC50,268502843857623
K1CLS LighthouseAmateur Radio Explorers Club 73MA4,29374451702112
K4PSA Palmetto Schoolars AcademySC9249022120006
Category: Senior High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K9SOU Bloomington High School South ARCIN340,87010890497161855
K5LBJ LASA High School Amateur Radio ClubTX322,00020920484121352
KF5CRF Mangum High SchoolOK152,68530585456151035
KE8FWT Copley High SchoolOH57,200403253420526
K9THN Terre Haute North High SchoolIN37,327582134053521
AG7HP Caldwell High SchoolID21,840601823961712
ND8GA Gilmour Academy Amateur Radio ClubOH18,9957101113049618
W8MHS Midland High School Amature Radio ClubMI18,626831333620318
W6YHS Yucaipa High SchoolCA13,392901083121516
WB4HS William Byrd High SchoolVA11,868106802525617
K8TGR Newton Falls Technology and Multimedia ClubOH6,54511085272119
N0HCS Harbor City High School Radio ClubMN6,32112641291023
WD5IAD St. Stanislaus High School Amateur Radio ClubMS4,68613066211029
W8GYH St. Xavier High SchoolOH4,488140512323012
K6MHS McBride High School Amateur Radio ClubCA4,485151049272036
KD2HWZ Panthers J-TACNJ1,86016030300016
W6SHS SATO High SchoolCA234190961023
Category: College/University - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
W8EDU Case Amateur Radio Club/ Case Western Reserve UniversityOH150,15017739645717738
W9YB Purdue UniversityIN125,38821046647621734
W4AQL Georgia Tech Amateur Radio ClubGA79,9043334645411631
W4ATC North Carolina State UniversityNC74,4774133537414332
W5AC Texas A&M University Amateur Radio ClubTX71,1005173613828624
K0UND Univesity of North Dakota Student Amateur Radio ClubND51,528615422412899
W9JWC Bradley UniversityIL43,617702013932433
W8PZS Ohio University Amateur Radio ClubOH38,2438191913614324
W8SH Michigan State UniversityMI33,000962083842320
W8UM University of Michigan Amateur Radio ClubMI27,88010121404032523
W9NAA Rose-Tech Radio Club (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)IN27,6611101993723119
K5LSU Amateur Radio Society at La. State Univ.LA13,2211244252921017
K3GCC Grove City Amateur Radio ClubPA12,060130201291315
W4DFU Gator Amateur Radio ClubFL11,6251412512305125
W9YT Badger Amateur Radio Society/University of Wisconsin-MadisonWI11,2101505921415528
AA4UT University of Tennessee ARCTN9,6901601022643610
K8YSU Youngstown State UniversityOH7,524177622124114
W0QQQ Kansas State University Amateur Radio ClubKS4,872180582220012
W8CUL WVU Amateur Radio ClubWV4,410190492023511
KM7CC Mesa Community College Amateur Radio ClubAZ2,31020630162017
W7ASU ASU Amateur Radio SocietyAZ2,20521339190006
W1AF Harvard Wireless Club/Harvard UniversityMA2,02422046190005
K2MFF New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNJ1,848230281510010
W9BGX Northwestern University Amateur Radio SocietyIL1,59624322111318
W6BHZ Cal Poly Amateur Radio ClubCA76825024120004
W9UWP University of Wisconsin-Platteville ARCWI37726013110113
VA3UOT University of Toronto Amateur Radio SocietyON360270850008
W2HJ CCNY Amateur Radio SocietyNY108280940111
Category: Club/Multi-Op - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KR8ZE Family Amateur Radio TeamOK73,48616223837241028
W5FMH South Texas Remote DX ClubCO46,4402102504542821
W5KS Lawton Ft. Sill Amateur Radio ClubOK3,7823610291100
Category: Club/Multi-Op - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
DL0ESA ESOC RadioclubDX5,4181086164926
Category: Individual - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
W4LID KY6,54910371600331
WB0IWG ND5,86820361700328
N2PPL NY4,65030301600227
WN8QGV MI4,06040281300126
AD8B OK2,39852181400019
K4LDC GA1,97660191200118
W7PV AZ1,85470181300018
W1RGA MA1,7868019900017
K3URT PA93590118001111
AC8XO OH58010010800010
N5MKY MI459110960009
K3TW FL36312011800101
AG6AG CA216130660006
N3FJP MD210140650006
VE2GT QC210150650006
KK4BZ VA140160530005
KM4VTE GA130170500105
KU5Y TX96180440004
N2RQ NY76190440003
KB2SDF NJ54200330003
W2MWH NJ6210110001
N8PVL MI6220110001
Category: Individual - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
ON7DQ DX2,03012324402120

Comments (more comments may be available on the ARRL Soapbox):

AD8B   OK   Individual
My thanks to all the schools that participated.
AG7HP   ID   Senior High School
This week Caldwell High School participated in an amateur radio
contest called the ARRL School Club Roundup. Approximately 15
students from the CHS Engineering and Robotics classes spent their
afternoons and evenings, every day this week, making radio contact
with other stations from across the continent.

Contest Objective: To exchange QSO information (station call sign,
location, and signal report) with other school and club stations that
are part of an elementary, middle, high school or college. A points
system is used to score each contact and the student radio station was
allowed to operate for a cumulative of 24 hours over a five day
period. It was also encouraged to contact non-school clubs and
individuals, although they didn't score as highly. Students earned
almost 30k points in the competition this week while "working" several
hundred stations from 42 different US states including Hawaii, Canada,
Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

CHS junior Kelsey Ferro said at the conclusion of the event, "I really
enjoyed the opportunity to use the knowledge of radios I learned in
Mr. Z's class. This was one of the coolest and nerdiest things I can
gladly say I've done. From stringing the antenna from the roof to
using the radio and talking to new people, these kind of opportunities
are why I love engineering".
DL0ESA   DX   Club/Multi-Op
Greetings to all the students and to all the hams. All the best from the European Space Agency - Operations Centre (ESOC) in Germany.
K0UND   ND   College/University
"Other Digital" is FT-8 and SSTV
K3GCC   PA   College/University
Student operators: Caleb Nasman, Miriam Tan, Noah Rosamilia, Ben Green. Guest supervisor: Tim Duffy K3LR
K3TW   FL   Individual
"Greetings from warm and sunny Florida."
K4WBM   VA   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
This was my first time doing the log for my CLUB. Please excuse any problems and let me know ASAP through my email if I have made any gross errors.

Our kids LOVED the SCR this year!!! Great contacts everyone.
K5LBJ   TX   Senior High School
LASA High enjoyed seeing so many new schools on the air this SCR. In fact, we worked 52 schools which is second only to the 53 we worked in the 2005 SCR. And, great coordination among schools using SCR-Chat. Always hoping to work Alaska. Maybe next year. Students made 920 QSOs in low sunspots. Proud of them! 73, KC5EES (Trustee, K5LBJ)
K5LMS   TX   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Fewer student operators, but two: Amelia and Isabel made probably 80% or more of out contacts, working pileups every day mostly without prompting from any of our three licensed operators!
K7UL   OR   Elementary/Primary School
2nd operator KI7QNT
K8TGR   OH   Senior High School
Had a great time, doubled our points since Feb. New goal to double
again next time out. Each student club member made at least 2
contacts during the event and even asked to come back on a second
day. Awesome!
K8YSU   OH   College/University
We had a great time. More students getting on the air this semester and making great contacts. The bands weren't great and our antenna was a compromise but we enjoyed ourselves. It was fun talking to the other schools on the air and working DX.
KA1SG   ME   Elementary/Primary School
Norman Clanton, KA1SG is one of our instructor/advisers. We used his call for the contest.
KD2HWZ   NJ   Senior High School
Im never surprised how great it is to see student smile when they are part of the team. Grace & Blessing from KD2HWZ
KD8NOM   OH   Elementary/Primary School
Our best SCR to date! Many QSO's despite no sunspots! 30 brand new members got on the air during the week.
KK4BZ   VA   Individual
power=80 W, grid=FM18eu, antenna=dipole, equipment=TS570S,
comment=antenna is G5RV at 35 ft in trees, Thanks for the fun!
KM4RE   GA   Elementary/Primary School
As always, SCR was an amazing event for our students. For some reason, the interest level was less this time. We had a total of 5 students participate, although the bulk of the station operation was done by just two students. Both of these students took part in the event last year as fourth graders and spent considerable time in the weeks previous to this fall's SCR mapping out ways to improve on their past performances. I think that this part is as much fun for me to watch as the event itself. We save all of the data from past roundups, things like contacts/per day and average QSO/hour. After each roundup is finished, we always have a "debriefing" to discuss things that worked well and ideas on how to improve in the future. They take meticulous notes on this. The students then analyze this information and map out a plan. They really approach it as a competition, not against other schools, but against themselves. There was some disappointment that they fell a bit short of the club's best, but they also understand that even the best plan can be hindered by poor band conditions like we experienced several times during the contest. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate those folks who take their time to make the School Club Roundup possible.
KM4TAY   VA   Elementary/Primary School
The kids had lots of fun! We have 30 kids trying to cram around 1 radio, so hopefully we’ll have more radios and more kids talking in the Spring!
KR8ZE   OK   Club/Multi-Op
Many thanks to everyone that supported the SCR.
We here at the KR8ZE QTH greatly enjoyed participating in the SCR and making contact with the young operators. They all did a very good job as did their instructors and teachers.
Special thanks for those instructors and teachers who assisted with the young ops.
KR8ZE learned a lot from this SCR in various areas of setup, operating and logging, to include log submission.
Looking forward to Feb 18.
KR8ZE (Crazy)
N0HCS   MN   Senior High School
Harbor City Radio Club had a great week and was happy to make many digital contacts across the United States and Canada with our group of high schoolers and a few Elmers keeping us going strong. We were able to put in 3 days working around 6 hours each day. Thanks to everyone for a fun event!
N2RQ   NY   Individual
Very little operating time, but at least I was able to keep my record of participating in every SCR session. Thanks to all who participated. We appreciate all entries - large and small.
N8PVL   MI   Individual
Check Log
ND8GA   OH   Senior High School
Every February and October we enjoy participating in the Roundup, and encourage our students to observe or participate as much as possible. We remain grateful for those whose dedication make this friendly school competition possible. ND8GA
ON7DQ   DX   Individual
Since I retired, I no longer run the school club ON4HTI, but it was still fun to make some qso's during SCR Week !
W0QQQ   KS   College/University
Members of the Kansas State University Amateur Radio club had a great time participating in this year's school club roundup. Our new ICOM IC-7300 arrived during the week and got a great workout on the air. Getting this first new radio in over 20 years was a much-anticipated moment for our club. We can't wait to get on the air in February with even more participation.
W2HJ   NY   College/University
This is Simon Savitt KD2OAY. The faculty advisor (Joe Ciccone) of my university ham radio club is blind and so we did not use logging software. I did not know exactly what information the cabrillo log required when participating in the contest so there is some data that I cannot provide.

The checks, precedences of individuals, and QSO numbers of my contacts are unknown. ARRL sections are based on the state my contacts listed they were in and an FCC license data lookup. I conducted RS reports but the given template does not indicate that I should be including them. My 3rd QSO (DL6MHG) is a DX station in Germany so I am unsure as to whether I can provide an ARRL section.
W4DFU   FL   College/University
It was my first time participating in School Club Roundup, and Monday was even my first time working sideband!

We're looking forward to the next Roundup in February with more students participating. See you on the air!
W4LID   KY   Individual
73 de W4LID
W5AC   TX   College/University
W5AC had a lot of fun during the School Club Roundup! We had a couple hams new to contesting call CQ and they did great. We also had a few work our first digital contacts in a long time. Thank you everyone for the contacts. 73 from Aggieland! Whoop!
W5FMH   CO   Club/Multi-Op
Good Conditions fun Contest Very relaxed and great to hear the kids on air
W5KS   OK   Club/Multi-Op
Everyone had a great time. Had a lot less time to prepare for this one. Thanks everyone.

Paul /KC5CYY
W6BHZ   CA   College/University
Fell at a bad time of the term for us this time around. Hope to be able to commit more time to it next year!
W6SHS   CA   Senior High School
We had a great time.
W7PV   AZ   Individual
Suggest that contacts at schools made by non-students, not be counted in school awards.
W8EDU   OH   College/University
There were about 40 participants, most of whom were new to amateur radio. Bands were up and down and we didn't hear as many school stations as last spring. Lots of fun!
W8GYH   OH   Senior High School
Our school had a lot of fun participating in this contest!
W8MHS   MI   Senior High School
Great SCR! Got two students on the air and made their first QSO
W8PZS   OH   College/University
After many years of inactivity, the Ohio University Amateur Radio Club has been revived and, we are excited to be on the air again! Thanks to everyone who was patient with us as we battled tough band conditions and equipment problems.
W8SH   MI   College/University
Additional operation provided by unlicensed ops Linan and Steven.
W8UM   MI   College/University
W9BGX   IL   College/University
First Attempt At Writelog12
W9GRS   IL   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Hard to believe our 9th year doing this! We had 21 students make
multiple qso's and utilized 7 different modes to make qso's!
We added Maine to our total of worked states with schools operating.
We are now just 5 away from WAS with school stations!
WD5IAD   MS   Senior High School
Our time was limited but we enjoyed the contest.