2017  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
KM4RE  Elementary/Primary SchoolRussell Elementary Amateur Radio Club5
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
KM4KPJ  GA  Christian Laster  
ScoreCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools

As always, SCR was an amazing event for our students. For some reason, the interest level was less this time. We had a total of 5 students participate, although the bulk of the station operation was done by just two students. Both of these students took part in the event last year as fourth graders and spent considerable time in the weeks previous to this fall's SCR mapping out ways to improve on their past performances. I think that this part is as much fun for me to watch as the event itself. We save all of the data from past roundups, things like contacts/per day and average QSO/hour. After each roundup is finished, we always have a "debriefing" to discuss things that worked well and ideas on how to improve in the future. They take meticulous notes on this. The students then analyze this information and map out a plan. They really approach it as a competition, not against other schools, but against themselves. There was some disappointment that they fell a bit short of the club's best, but they also understand that even the best plan can be hindered by poor band conditions like we experienced several times during the contest. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate those folks who take their time to make the School Club Roundup possible.