2017  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
W2HJ  College/UniversityCCNY Amateur Radio Society2
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
WB2HRO  NY  Joe Ciccone  
ScoreCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools

This is Simon Savitt KD2OAY. The faculty advisor (Joe Ciccone) of my university ham radio club is blind and so we did not use logging software. I did not know exactly what information the cabrillo log required when participating in the contest so there is some data that I cannot provide.

The checks, precedences of individuals, and QSO numbers of my contacts are unknown. ARRL sections are based on the state my contacts listed they were in and an FCC license data lookup. I conducted RS reports but the given template does not indicate that I should be including them. My 3rd QSO (DL6MHG) is a DX station in Germany so I am unsure as to whether I can provide an ARRL section.