October 2015 School Club Roundup final results are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Category: Elementary/Primary School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KD8NOM DEARS Dresden Elem. Amateur Radio Station ClubOH140,868128412454111343
KB4SA Pinewood Christian AcademyFL33,74424713436218118
N2TUX Tuxedo Amateur Radio ClubNY3,38837301921011
KL7DG Pilot Station School Radio ClubAK2,4754045193425
W4S Saint John Paul II Catholic SchoolFL1,0085024150205
Category: Middle/Intermed/JR High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K5LMS Lampasas Middle School Youth ARCTX355,536117789507222461
KF5CRF Tiger Radio ClubOK264,62220731484111753
K4WBM William Byrd Middle School Amateur Radio ClubVA130,87239829645626735
K4DMS K4DMS - DuBose Middle School Amateur Radio ClubSC128,7004046844515839
AA3TH Clarion Area Tech Students (CATS)PA26,3356381533133229
K1MCS Monsignor Clarke School Amateur Radio ClubRI25,6687922322028214
W9GRS Glenn Raymond SchoolIL16,576844242746321
KK4OVR Mill Springs Academy Amateur Radio GroupGA13,020950402736111
N1ASA All Saints STEAM AcademyRI11,9541008623212120
KE5HJS Early College High School of EMCCMS2,940110351701312
K1CLS Lighthouse Amateur Radio Explorer Club 73MA2,046129131112110
KD0YQE Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Radio ClubCO7821302371034
KC2KJN Gowanda CSD ARCNY49414026110111
Category: Senior High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K9SOU Bloomington High School South ARCIN220,41018695505351538
K5LBJ LASA High School Amateur Radio ClubTX132,02020460464191438
WB4HS William Byrd High SchoolVA78,80035728043420425
W1VRC Rogers High Schol Ham Radio Club/ Rogers High SchoolRI53,0404025538212330
ND8GA Gilmour Academy ARCOH19,4305287837121316
N5CHS Catholic High School ARCAR14,111601032913220
N3JQ Harrisburg AcademyPA1,8248024907012
KD0QLW St Charles High Radio ClubMO1,2009105120107
KD2HWZ J-TAC PanthersNJ1,17010026140225
K6MHS McBride High School Radio ClubCA4841102270122
W2CXN Brooklyn Technical High School Amateur Radio and Wireless Technology ClubNY297120960205
KY4DH Dixie Heights High SchoolKY2401301291002
Category: College/University - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
K0UND University of North Dakota ARCND380,607161287486191040
W5AC Texas A&M UniversityTX316,1172657814910511641
W9UIH Southern Illinois University ARCIL95,98532035546212435
W1KBN Northeastern UniversityMA79,180404284658324
VA2QDC Dawson CollegeQC52,0025024340333426
W8SH Mich State Univ. ARCMI50,196602823527226
K7UAZ The University of ArizonaAZ25,116775113435222
W8KW Eastern Michigan UniversityMI16,5608201043539412
KB7NJU Willamette University Amateur Radio GroupOR15,312901163381516
K8YSU YSU Amateur Radio ClubOH5,328104402213017
VE3UOT Univ. of Toronto Amateur Radio SocietyON4,9981112271823015
KB3CVD UMBCMD3,484121032201228
K5LSU Amateur Radio Society at La. State UnivLA2,9681418201501305
W5YM Amateur Radio Club of Univ of ArkansasAR1,872150181310018
W7OSU Oregon State University Amateur Radio ClubOR81216014101209
W3MGF Drexel University Amateur Radio ClubPA2101701071112
Category: College/University - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
ON4HTI STARCom/Vives Polytechnic UniversityDX24,752188962233464
Category: Club/Multi-Op - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KC5CYY Contest ClubOK8,91020110331138
KC7KFF Milky Way Wireless ClubAZ3,12030261711319
WE8DX Central Ohio Contest AssociationOH27340740007
Category: Individual - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N3FJP MD14,74210813222328
W1WBB RI12,25822502321339
WN8QGV MI7,32630372100135
W7PV AZ3,06840261702219
KK4PUX VA2,05850211310714
VE2GT QC2,04060201310416
KF5EN TX1,80070181600216
K9CAV OH1,61580171210116
K3TW FL1,58190171100116
N3NTF PA1,411100171210512
WB0IWG ND1,29611016810114
N2RQ NY930120151002010
W1DGL AZ7701301170099
N9NBC WI67214012120028
K4VBM GA639150971099
W7JSD AZ432166060006
WD8E OH273170740007
AJ0CM MN266180760016
KK4BKD KY216190660006
KI4FW VA60202120002
KC3ASH MD24210220002
Category: Check Log
Call Used

Comments (more comments may be available on the ARRL Soapbox):

AA3TH   PA   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Our club just formed this year and was officially approved by the Board of Ed just days before the roundup. You can read our story on QRZ. This was our first ever SCR. My goal as the advisor was to get as many students on the air as possible. We are a very small school and with the short notice I was able to get the entire 3rd, 4th, 5th and most of the 6th grade classes on the air. Also some of my high schoolers got on the air earlier in the week. Fun was had by all and it drew a lot of interest. Some operators we spoke to stayed on to talk to a whole bunch of kids, hence why we have way more operators than actual.
K0UND   ND   College/University
This was the first time our club got to try out the new PSK31 set-up in the shack, we were able to make a few contacts this way but relied on voice, primarily operating on 20 meters. Our club is growing and we all were excited to participate in SCR again this year!
K1MCS   RI   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
First time ham activity for Monsignor Clarke K-8 School. 21 students all made at least one Digi and SSB QSO. Thanks to John, W1JPZ, and Bob, WB4SON, the ham advisers. Lots of fun!
K3TW   FL   Individual
"It's always a pleasure to participate in the ARRL School Club Roundups."
K4WBM   VA   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
A very good SCR; excellent propagation and good participation. We put 53 students on the air and almost all made at least one or more contacts. I want to thank Becky Reed, KK4QJG, our faculty advisor and retired teacher, Iva Daniels, KK4DPF, for making sure we had student operators and for helping out with logging and control op duties.
K5LBJ   TX   Senior High School
This SCR was K5LBJ's "Women on the Air" moment. During the week, we were blessed to have three of our female students do the majority of our operating. Working with another small group allowed them to bond and become immersed in the "magic" that is Amateur Radio. Great to hear so many new schools on the air.
73 de Ronny Risinger, KC5EES (K5LBJ Trustee)
K5LMS   TX   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
The students had a wonderful time. We had a lot of students new to Amateur Radio get on the radio for the first time. And we broke a lot of campus records.
K6MHS   CA   Senior High School
This was our first School Roundup, it was a challenge to organize operators around classes. It felt a bit like a college tour with a ham radio twist. When we contacted Williamette, it started a great conversation about the different types of colleges that are out there.
K8YSU   OH   College/University
This was Youngstown State University's first time in the Round Up. Great fun. First time for many of our participating students and a fun time for those that have been on the air before.
K9THN   IN   Senior High School
Fewer students this year. Fewer hours of contest worked. The contest
generated a great deal of interest. We are looking forward to the
February contest with more licensed and experienced operators.
Thanks to all QSO's who called and answered our calls.Thank you to the ARRL for sponsoring this contest and allowing us to share our passion and hobby. Great fun.
KB3CVD   MD   College/University
Super awesome that SCRLog 6.2 worked in Wine on Linux. Thanks!
KC2KJN   NY   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Will we ever be able to submit our logs to a contest robot? Another great SCR! See you in February.
KC5CYY   OK   Club/Multi-Op
More fun that should be allowed.
KC7KFF   AZ   Club/Multi-Op
The call KC7KFF used to be assigned to Carl Hayden high School. After N7UJJ retired from teaching, the club became inactive. Our family, neighbors and a few alumni decided to reassign the callsign to a club and participate in a few contests and to use in school and youth demonstrations.
KD0QLW   MO   Senior High School
Adam Little did all of the operating, coached by the club trustee. This was his first experience with ham radio contests and he enjoyed it a lot. Look for Adam to "solo" and maybe coach someone himself in February.
KD2HWZ   NJ   Senior High School
This was our first October SCR and we had some challenges but we are learning everyday. Thanks for the great contacts.
KD8NOM   OH   Elementary/Primary School
The DEARS were off and running again this Fall. The boys and girl did a super job running the QSO's, logging and having fun in the process.The bands were good as we did more 20 meter contacts. Lots of DX and the kids loved PSK contacts. Looking forward to Spring SCR and licensing more elementary kids in May. '73 Jim WX8J / DEARS Adviser
KE5HJS   MS   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
As the trustee of the East Ms Community College radio club, KE5HJS, I invited the Early College High School 9th graders to participate in SCR fall 2015. With help of the ARRL Teachers Institute that I attended this summer I was able to connect with these young students and get them to experience Amateur radio. Most knew where New York was, but several had a time locating Delaware. It was fun and exciting for me to set up a portable station and let these special kids on our campus enjoy some electronic communications. Through the grants at ARRL, funding of EMCC and some assistance from MFJ that is only 10 miles away we made it a very enjoyable week on the radio. Thanks to everyone at ARRL, MFJ and EMCC for making it happen.
KF5CRF   OK   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
What a great way to start at a new school!!!
KF5EN   TX   Individual
Propagation wasn't so good especially at the start of the week, but still a lot of fun!
KG5ISG   NM   Check Log
I am uploading another station log because it must be in Cabrillo formate
KL7DG   AK   Elementary/Primary School
We had a better time with conditions this time. We had great weather (It snowed Friday Morning) and had good conditions on 15 and 20 meters. We had plenty of visitors who watched and looked on the map as we made contacts. A few brave students made contacts with stations in California and Florida. Surprises this week included getting a gray line contact with Puerto Rico and finally getting Oklahoma to complete our WAS from Alaska. We are hoping the February SCR will be even better for us.
KY4DH   KY   Senior High School
This was the school's first time participating in SCR. We only had an hour to operate, but the students made the best of it, and had a great time!
N2PPL   NY   Check Log
The form would not accept a log not in Cabrillo format, so I chose another log to upload. I re-submitted this with a lower number of contacts so it would appear at the end of the listing.
N2TUX   NY   Elementary/Primary School
Our club just formed this year and was officially approved by the Board of Ed just days before the roundup. You can read our story on QRZ. This was our first ever SCR, my goal as the advisor was to get as many students on the air as possible. We are a very small school and with the short notice I was able to get the entire 3rd, 4th, 5th, and most of the 6th grade classes on the air. Also some of my high schoolers got on the air earlier in the week. Fun was had by all and it drew a lot of interest. Some operators we spoke to stayed on to talk to a whole bunch of kids, hence why we have way more operators than actual QSO’s.
N3FJP   MD   Individual
Another fun SCR!!!!
N3JQ   PA   Senior High School
SOAPBOX: I am a new teacher at Harrisburg Academy, teaching Physics and Math.
SOAPBOX: I will add Amateur Radio to the curriculum during electromagnetism.
SOAPBOX: This was a great introduction to my classes, who listened to the world
SOAPBOX: Great to hear the Elementary kids, Middle Schools, HS and Colleges.
N5CHS   AR   Senior High School
Our boys greatly enjoyed the event and it is a great way to attract new hams for the future. Good job everybody. Thank you for continuing this event.
N9NBC   WI   Individual
had fun this is a great time love talking to all the youngsters
ND8GA   OH   Senior High School
We always enjoy the School Club Roundup. This year we contacted Algeria in North Africa for the first time. Gilmour Academy is grateful to all the adult volunteers who make this competition possible through their service.
ON4HTI   DX   College/University
Great fun as always ...
W1WBB   RI   Individual
Search and Pounce effort to only work school and club stations. New revised rules allowed me to make 8 additional contacts with stations on multiple bands, with two stations worked on multiple modes - SSB and... CW (!!). This is a positive change in the event. Great to work so many young operators on-air having fun! Present version used of N1MM+ Logger (v1.0.5221.0) did not assign points for QSOs with stations worked on multiple bands which is now allowed per new rules. Total score corrected manually.
W2CXN   NY   Senior High School
Special school schedules reduced operating time.
One 10th grader was very excited to make contacts for the first time.
W4S   FL   Elementary/Primary School
Greetings from Saint John Paul II Catholic School in Lecanto, FL.
W5AC   TX   College/University
We had 8 licensed ops and one unlicensed YL club member (April). This was the first contest experience for most of the ops. It was great fun for everyone and we look forward to more SCR in the future. A severe rainstorm hit us Friday night and rained throughout the weekend. 73 from Aggieland! W5AC - 1912 - WHOOP!
W7OSU   OR   College/University
It's a nice contest, a warming up for CQWW.
W8SH   MI   College/University
Not sure how to add these scores. We used 2 stations es 2 computers for some of the contest, but could not get them to "talk" to each other. Hence the 2 log files. SRI fer any confusion. Any questions , just ask, 73 , Gregg Mulder WB8LZG
W9GRS   IL   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
This year we tried something different and went with a QRP attempt. We wanted to prove we could make contacts using only the bare-minimal power of 5 watts. Surprisingly we were able to make a few SSB QSO's with good reports, but spent most time using other modes. We also tested a student homebrew antenna on 40 meters. It worked well and were pleased with the results. We had one QSO where we "cranked" the power to 100 Watts so we could make a contact with the elusive KL7DG Pilot Station School. Another teachable moment as band conditions were rough and their signal came and went in about a 10 minute window.
W9UIH   IL   College/University
4 operators combined to have a good time operating W9UIH for the School Club Roundup. Worked a lot more schools than we expected, and we operated digital modes for the first time in years during the contest! Already looking forward to the February Edition of this contest.