February 2016 School Club Roundup final results are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Category: Elementary/Primary School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KD8NOM D.E.A.R.S. / Dresden El. Amateur Radio StationOH102,8281540845631134
KB4SA Pinewood Christian AcademyFL88,74025523846412437
KM4RE Russell Elementary Amateur Radio ClubGA78,477303033837839
WL7CXM Pilot Station School Radio ClubAK8144022131114
Category: Middle/Intermed/JR High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N4SMS Schofield Middle School Radio ClubSC428,8081010514910231858
K5LMS Lampasas Middle School Youth ARCTX314,82123787501072058
K7BZN Chief Joseph Middle SchoolMT132,9513048746471338
K4WBM William Byrd Middle School Amateur Radio ClubVA69,05355823139616924
KD2GRA Hawthorne Valley Waldorf SchoolNY65,1246024337312342
K1MCS Monsignor Clarke School Amateur Radio ClubRI18,705710632811618
K0KID CLARENCE CANNON ARCMO16,7588012633431413
N1ASA All Saints STEAM AcademyRI10,88093742423121
N1HCS Henniker Community School Amateur Radio ClubNH8,148100972610111
KC2ILA Central Square Middle School ARCNY3,686110381409214
K1CLS Lighthouse Amateur Radio Explorer ClubMA1,988126161100012
W9GRS Glenn Raymond School Science ClubIL238150731006
Category: Senior High School - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
KF5CRF Tiger Radio ClubOK268,79310817477131646
K5LBJ LASA High School Amateur Radio ClubTX261,6902091548510941
K0RHS Bishop Ryan High School Radio ClubND214,4763971448613842
K9SOU Bloomington High School South ARCIN203,75044617487111546
WB4HS William Byrd High SchoolVA157,47257437047317645
K9THN Terre Haute North Vigo High SchoolIN102,94865925543917639
KC2AIF Pioneer High School ARCNY16,512701292911617
NG0E Mountain Lake PublicMN14,472801083410219
ND8GA Gilmour Academy ARCOH11,8329393827310112
KY4DH Dixie Heights HS ARCKY1,58110031160126
W2CXN Brooklyn Technical High School Amateur Radio and Wireless Technology ClubNY8511111180215
AC0HS Ankeny Centennial HSIA81612024131004
N2TUX Tuxedo Amateur Radio ClubNY297134350204
KD0QLW St Charles High Radio ClubMO160140831103
WS4FSC Suncoast High School Amateur Radio ClubFL130150540014
Category: College/University - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
W5AC Texas A&M University Amateur Radio ClubTX428,5441501016506301952
N7ERU Eagle Amateur Radio Club, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityAZ204,1562108426478131544
WD5AGO Tulsa Community College - ARCOK181,71234546508301542
W9UIH Southern Illinois University ARCIL127,35041941249561439
W8EDU Case Amateur Radio Club, Case Western Reserve UniversityOH111,75257830246817433
K8YSU Youngstown State UniversityOH57,05461622537313233
W9YT Badger Amateur Radio Society/University of Wisconsin-MadisonWI47,5207620436214930
K5LSU Amateur Radio Society at La. State Univ.LA42,0248441183757529
W9JWC Bradley UniversityIL33,534902074160521
VA2QDC Dawson CollegeQC25,1601001483227225
KC2HNB Binghamton UniversityNY21,8961101192911429
W7U Willamette University Amateur Radio GroupOR18,0001201253713419
W4AQL Georgia Tech Amateur Radio ClubGA13,650130913232421
K7UAZ The University of ArizonaAZ5,81014083310146
K7BYI Brigham Young University - Idaho Amateur Radio SocietyID5,767151843292018
W8SH Mich. State Univ. ARCMI4,794160472210215
W9UWP University of Wisconsin-Platteville ARCWI4,53617063225009
K4PCC Pitt Community CollegeNC4,320180452321014
K0ESU Emporia State University Amateur Radio ClubKS1,21820029131115
W1YK Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wireless AssociationMA68421012700010
W2HJ The City College of New YorkNY56022014110215
Category: Club/Multi-Op - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N0DCM Duluth Children's MuseumMN34,5721591504643812
N5EVA ContactOK31,164201963946520
NE3MD Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest SocietyMD25,466301073033140
KC7KFF Milky Way Wireless ClubAZ25,134401183507831
K3FBI FBIARAVA13,158501023034118
W5KS Lawton Ft. Sill Amateur Radio ClubOK10,78860873420416
KG5SAA Scouts Across America Radio ClubTX3,3607060190017
KA1DS/1 FBOM Contest ClubMA9008015100129
Category: Club/Multi-Op - DX
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
DL0ESA Radioclub European Space Operations CentreDX8,09910892824111
Category: Individual - W/VE
Call UsedSchool/ClubQTHScoreRankCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools
N3FJP MD7,74010452211428
K9CAV OH7,42120411811331
WD1W VT5,61030331710130
AD8B OK5,34640331900427
WN8QGV MI4,85153271910125
W7PV AZ4,14460281600126
KB3KNX MD3,77070261710125
KJ4KKD TN2,33180211310119
W9KVR IL2,28990211110119
KF5EN TX2,268100211400218
KK4PUX VA1,900110191310316
NG2D NY1,824120191100017
NR8U OH1,800130181111117
N3NTF PA1,638140181100016
VE2GT QC1,632150171001017
K4WLG KY1,27516015910015
K4VBM GA93617013910112
KD8WKR OH92318013900112
KG5KGP LA83719031611002
WA3SRU PA81620012800012
K3TW FL74421012500111
W8KRS MI58022010800010
W3KM PA5602301081019
N9NBC WI4732401170107
KC9ZVD IL468252880035
KC3FAU DE294260770007
K9THR IN280270750007
WA5SWN KS273280740007
KB2SDF NJ54290330003
AF0W CO24300220002
KC3ASH MD24310220002
W4HRL VA24320220002

Comments (more comments may be available on the ARRL Soapbox):

DL0ESA   DX   Club/Multi-Op
Greeting to all the students from the European Space Agency. We hope you had a great week with the radio! Also thanks to all the fellow radioamateurs who kindly answered to our call. It was a pleasure to establish contact you all!
K0RHS   ND   Senior High School
A great time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who took the time to work our school station. If you would like a QSL card from ND send a card to K0RHS' school address.
K1MCS   RI   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Our 2nd SCR. Propagation was not as good as in October, and this made phone contacts VERY challenging. I suspect that is also responsible for fewer School contacts. Putting the antenna up with snow covering the roof was a challenge too. Our 19 participants had a ball.
K3FBI   VA   Club/Multi-Op
Really great to have K3FBI back on the air after so long.
K3TW   FL   Individual
Greetings from warm and sunny Florida.
K5LBJ   TX   Senior High School
With an S5 noise level on 20m, this SCR week was a challenge. But, despite no great band openings, the K5LBJ students made their 2nd highest number of SCR QSOs, ever. Aided by spotting on the DX clusters, students (especially a few determined YLs) learned to "run stations" like true contesters. Demonstrating skill and professionalism, they managed to make 915 contacts. Very proud of their persistence to get on the air and many thanks to those that took the time to speak to the students of K5LBJ. 73- Ronny Risinger, KC5EES (Trustee for K5LBJ, Austin, TX)
K5LMS   TX   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
We reached a new record for number of students through the station at 53. We were happy to contact a couple of Canadian Schools, but missed some of our old SCR friends in other countries and in the States. We wish there were active SCR school in all the states! :)
K7UAZ   AZ   College/University
Due to member's schedules we were only active for about 3.5 hours, but during that time we worked a great pile up!
K8YSU   OH   College/University
Great Fun! Looking Forward to next time.
K9THN   IN   Senior High School
Great Contest. Thanks to all Schools, Clubs, and Individuals who participated in the contest. Thanks to all who were patient while we learned. Our students learned a great deal about math, science and geography and had fun contesting. We are looking forward to the next SCR.
KB2RMS   NJ   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Thanks for the opportunity to again be a part of this wonderful event. Though our six students didn't break any records, they will long remember the chance to speak with people from all over the place. The magic is still there!
~KB2RMS Steve
KD0QLW   MO   Senior High School
We had noise problems this time but are looking ahead to the October SCR!
KD8NOM   OH   Elementary/Primary School
Another great SCR despite the fact that our school was closed for 2 days due to snow. Our kids rallied to the cause and secured a big 3 day total. Operating conditions were generally good for this time in the solar cycle and would have enjoyed a few more PSK contacts with more schools. Next year perhaps? '73 Jim WX8J
KJ4KKD   TN   Individual
Trying to submit again
KY4DH   KY   Senior High School
Thanks to all the stations who contacted us!
N0DCM   MN   Club/Multi-Op
N0DCM Duluth Children's Museum Radio Club station's 2nd year in the February School Club roundup. We had a great contest. We had 2 less contacts than last year but scored approx 10,000 more points due to use of PSK, multipliers for school clubs contacted, as well as more states and DX countries. We did all this in less available time to work due to kids and parents busy schedules. Thanks to all our contacted stations willing to help make our contest a success. We really enjoyed the contest and got some new people interested in our Radio club this week!
N1ASA   RI   Middle/Intermed/JR High School

A snow day and sub-zero temps didn't keep us off the air. Band conditions were surprisingly good for several days.
N2TUX   NY   Senior High School
First time using new donated rigs and equipment. It was a good learning experience, but not great for making QSO's. Also our new vertical isn't mounted on the building yet, and weather prevented us from getting a decent antenna on the roof so we used a mobile ATAS-100 attached to a fence next to the building.
N4SMS   SC   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Bands were in good condition this year. Excellent participation from individual stations supporting the Roundup.
ND8GA   OH   Senior High School
Our "armchair" contact with John HK3C near Bogota, Columbia, was special this Roundup, as was Meimei's animated text QSO on PSK31 with Richard N0BAD in Minnesota. As always, we are grateful to the volunteers who support this wonderful event.
NE3MD   MD   Club/Multi-Op
My highest praise to the teacher/moderators for their work with these aspiring hams.
NG0E   MN   Senior High School
We had 33 students ranging from 6th through 12th grade making a few contacts each. This was new to everyone and they really enjoyed having the opportunity to operate.
VE2GT   QC   Individual
good log delete the first sent
W2CXN   NY   Senior High School
Students from grades 9-12 visited station for their first time. Friday there were at least 6 members of the CAP group. This coincided with the MARS COMEX although those contacts did not count for SCR.
W4HRL   VA   Individual
Submitted to permit school scoring only.
W5AC   TX   College/University
This time we had 11 licensed operators plus 2 new hams that have not
received their callsigns yet. We enjoyed this contest and hope to work
with everyone next semester! For more info, please visit w5ac.tamu.edu
Feel free to reach us at clubofficers@w5ac.tamu.edu to have a sked.
We're looking forward to have more contacts. 73 from Aggieland! Whoop!
W5KS   OK   Club/Multi-Op
Always a great event. See you in October
W8SH   MI   College/University
Participation a bit lean this year. Hope to do better in the fall. 73 Gregg
W9GRS   IL   Middle/Intermed/JR High School
Scheduling didn't allow for full operations, but we were able to search and pounce to get W9GRS into the logs of a few schools to give them a multi the last 2 evenings, thanks to help from KC9RCD.
W9KVR   IL   Individual
I was able to get on air after school and work a few schools during the evening hours. Nice to hear some different schools outside of our traditional school operations and get them into my log. Finally got my school station into my log as KC9RCD operated from the school station and put W9GRS into a few logs!
W9UIH   IL   College/University
Although we had a couple of operators unable to show up, the club had a fine performance despite issues with our low band antennas the first couple nights of the round up. We are looking forward to pushing harder and putting more people in the log this fall, with hopefully more operators behind the mic, keyboard, or key. Although we worked more schools and clubs this year, there is always room for improvement and some schools we missed out on were simply due to being too close. Operators were N9EAT, KD9DOM, KD9DOL and KD9DOK, with a few observers showing up as well.

73 de W9UIH
W9UWP   WI   College/University
This was the first contest that our club participated in and it was awesome. This was great practice on handling pile-ups and a great way to engage all of our members that haven't been exposed to contesting.
WD1W   VT   Individual
It was interesting working the SCR as an individual after 16 years as a school control operator. Through the week, I only worked schools ... using the hunting and pecking method. Heard some very competent student operators ... particularly at K9SOU, KD8NOM, KM4RE, and N4SMS. In all honesty, though, I'm a little disappointed in the number of adult operators I heard creating / running pileups under a school call (many sounded like seasoned contesters). This event is an opportunity for students to shine ... not for adults to run up a score. That said, I have to congratulate all the students (and their control ops / advisors) on their participation in this event. Listen to the enthusiasm in a student's voice and you know he / she has discovered the fun, joy, and magic of ham radio. The magic lives on!
WD5AGO   OK   College/University
Our school group operated just short of 18 hours this year, although we were busy during those on and off times. Our best score to date with the students coming through with much antenna work, QSO's and logging. It even resulted in two of them wanting to pass the next test.
WL7CXM   AK   Elementary/Primary School
Had a good session Weather was a factor only on Monday. I will be at Pilot Station again next school year so look for us again.