2015  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
KE5HJS  Middle/Intermed/JR High SchoolEarly College High School of EMCC66
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
KE5AJF  MS  Robert Lovelace  
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As the trustee of the East Ms Community College radio club, KE5HJS, I invited the Early College High School 9th graders to participate in SCR fall 2015. With help of the ARRL Teachers Institute that I attended this summer I was able to connect with these young students and get them to experience Amateur radio. Most knew where New York was, but several had a time locating Delaware. It was fun and exciting for me to set up a portable station and let these special kids on our campus enjoy some electronic communications. Through the grants at ARRL, funding of EMCC and some assistance from MFJ that is only 10 miles away we made it a very enjoyable week on the radio. Thanks to everyone at ARRL, MFJ and EMCC for making it happen.