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August 2018 ARRL RTTY Rookie Roundup final scores are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Single Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
NI0P  NE881357001 
AD0TZ  KS452415000 
Single Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AB1ZQ  VT32518912001 
Single Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AD4TA  KY364181013001 
Single Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KG5THG  TX2301959001 
KG5WLO  AR452415000 
W5TCB  AR183303000 
WE5TR  TX44022000 
Single Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KI7ZZS  OR11011000 
Single Op Call Area: W9
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD9IWX  IL151212001 
Multi-Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
Multi-Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
W5NGU (WE5TR WG5HBL)  TX34518714001


KD9IWX   Rookie   IL
Not much time to operate, and not many signals heard. Wish there were more!
KG5THG   Rookie   TX
Fun idea. I used 20m and prop was some of the worst I've seen it since I became a ham.
KI4MZC   Nonrookie   GA
Checklog, please. Prop seemed to be terrible. My intent for this contest was to practice with my new RTTY setup and to help the rookies. The NH station (N1FD, OP Abby) was almost 599 and the DX station (I4) was almost as strong, amazingly enough. KX3 to a long wire.
72's, y'all!
KI7ZZS   Rookie   OR
I am 8 years old and just got my technician license. I can only use RTTY on ten meters. Ten meters is really bad.
N1FD   Rookie   NH
All of the rookies enjoyed the chance to work RTTY. Contest was slow - would be nice to see more rookies and non-rookies on RTTY.
N7VS   Nonrookie   OR
Conflicts usually limit my operating time. While "fine tuning" some RTTY software, I heard Abby, N1FD, calling CQ, and gave a call using a KX3 with only 3 watts output. A contact resulted. I was first licensed in 1965, and usually pass out contacts during these events. I feel it is important to help out the "newbies", and hope to be on again.
W4GHV   Nonrookie   NC
band conditions were dismal.
heard one station in Europe and one in Hawaii at the same time - NOTHING else heard at the time.
Strange conditions for sure
Bo W4GHV since '54
W5NGU   Rookie   TX
Count Band Time (UTC) Call of Station Worked Name Check (Year) Location Rookie (1 - yes) Not Rookie (1 - yes)
1 20 1808 AB1ZQ Kevin 16 VT 1
2 20 1817 AD4TA Tim 16 KY 1
9 20 2004 I4JED Alberto 77 DX 1
3 20 1828 K8PJK Peter 16 OH 1
4 20 1832 KC1IVR Payton 18 CT 1
8 20 1936 KC8GTE Kelly 18 MI 1
12 20 2102 KK5XX Frank 84 TX 1
6 20 1852 N1FD Abby 16 NH 1
13 20 2107 N7TMS Todd 12 ID 1
14 20 2114 W4DMK Dan 17 NC 1
15 20 2120 W4GHV Bo 54 NC 1
11 20 2046 W8TOM/1 Tom 68 MA 1
7 20 1854 WA0LIF Dick 66 MN 1
5 20 1845 WD9HSY Brian 79 IL 1
10 20 2021 WE5TR Tod 17 TX 1
Total QSO 8 7
15 Total QSO check 15
W9ILY   Nonrookie   IL
I sure wish there was more activity! Calling CQ ROOKIES for a LONG time with no responses is discouraging.

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