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April 2014 ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup final scores are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Single Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD0WBL  MN181303000 
KD0SJV  MO162402000 
Single Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KC1ANA  MA12,02415322832301 
W1BXY  CT2,1622205422001 
KC1BGP  CT403263001 
Single Op Call Area: W2
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD2CQA  NJ661355001 
Single Op Call Area: W3
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AB3TM  MD1,4911212919101 
KC3BRQ  PA602634000 
Single Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KA4SFD  FL8,64016414229201 
KK4TXZ  GA5,8092348932401 
K4NJB  AL5,7303479727300 
KK4UBQ  GA2,8164175429201 
KK4QOE  FL2,6975273926111 
KK4ZDK  VA2,4606174828200 
KK4NML  VA1,3007182918101 
KK4PC  AL1,1408211518200 
KV4WN  NC348910910101 
KK4ITX  FL299107910201 
N4ACK  VA17111838100 
KK4TKJ  GA12012637100 
K4TSO  SC6513534100 
KK4NZM  KY5014265000 
KK4TUX  NC3215403100 
KK4MOV  NC3216404000 
AB4UG  SC3217403100 
N4JHW  FL218101000 
Single Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KF5WGN  TX6,75514610132210 
KG5BKC  TX770272119201 
W5CSD  TX37437209200 
KF5YUB  TX654375000 
KF5ZLP  TX145312000 
Single Op Call Area: W6
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KK6EZU  CA2,5811244128100 
KK6GMN  CA1,7252183922100 
KK6ABZ  CA5103121012111 
KH6RSB  HI1334676100 
KK6DCM  CA915615200 
K6PGH  CA186303000 
KJ6FNK (K7ADD)  CA27101000 
Single Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
K7CDX  UT19,15217425143401 
K7ADD  WA9,01623712241401 
KF7YOU  AZ5,8893426736201 
KF7TLL  AZ3,0004325622201 
KG7HBY  NV2,1465174026201 
AE7DW  AZ5946111115300 
W7CGC  AZ5287101314101 
KF7BA  MT2208787300 
KG7GYK  AZ249144000 
KF7WWP  AZ610111100 
Single Op Call Area: W8
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD8WAM  MI855163319000 
KD8TPE  OH702347000 
KD8WPI  OH663355001 
KD8SST  OH654615000 
KD8VMR  WV105211001 
Single Op Call Area: W9
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
WA9YI  IN378112312200 
W9BGX (NZ9C)  IL14024610000 
K9SGB  IL843706000 
KD9AOK  IL504505000 
W9STS  IL185303000 
KC9ZGY  WI86202000 
AC9GT  IN27101000 
Single Op Call Area: VE
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
VY1MAB  YT2,8711196122601 
VA3ZTF  ON2002848101 
VE3JSO  ON1043457100 


AB3TM   Rookie   MD
Could we not schedule any contests during a G1 - G2 storm, please? Tough going on the bands today. Sticking it out to the last hour sure made the difference, though. Thanks to everyone who participated in the RR!
AE7DW   Rookie   AZ
Great Contest!
AE7VA   Nonrookie   AZ
Poor propagation here; all bands were very dead.
K4NJB   Rookie   AL
Most fun Ive had in a long time
K7ADD   Rookie   WA
First Rookie Roundup and first contest for which I'm submitting logs. Had a blast and I'll be back! Thanks to all who worked me and for the nice sense of camaraderie shared by the rookies and elmers alike!

Conditions weren't great, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

73, K7ADD "BEN 13 WA"
K7CDX   Rookie   UT
My first contest, a blast
KC1ANA   Rookie   MA
This was a terrific introduction into contesting. I really enjoyed working my station and talking to so many new Hams and old timers. I appreciate the help and advice of the experienced Hams. Thank you!
KC1BGP   Rookie   CT
First contact for this new ham on HF was more than 9100 miles away in New Zealand! Thanks to KB1H for the use of his great station and the operating assistance from W1UJ.
KC3BRQ   Rookie   PA
10m only. Can't wait till next year
KD0SJV   Rookie   MO
Great contest! I tried to work as many stations as I could, even though band conditions were very poor.
KD8SST   Rookie   OH
First contest. Was able to work my 1st special event station and also heard W1AW/0
KD8WPI   Rookie   OH
Didn't make very many contacts, but had fun! Talked to the Queen Mary in California!
KF0JA   Nonrookie   GA
Rookies worked by band - 10m - 2; 15m - 3; 20m - 7; 40m - 2. It was a beautiful Easter day, so I set up my station outside. Thanks for the QSOs!
KF5YUB   Rookie   TX
I did work YV4NN Daniel Venezuela and KH6GA Joe HI failing to request Date of their license I did not claim them for points.
Thank you for this event. It was fun and I made new contacts.
KF5ZLP   Rookie   TX
Look forward to doing this again next year as a General Class.
KF7TLL   Rookie   AZ
Good event for rookies to learn contesting.. Bands was flat but did what we could do... Was fun till a RUDE operator SLAMMED my signal and walked all over my freq and took it over
KF7WWP   Rookie   AZ
Email Correction
KF7YOU   Rookie   AZ
Great first and last Rookie Round Up!

What a great ham community with help and support for the rookies, hope to help next year's rookies!

KH6RSB   Rookie   HI
Control Operator: NH6Y
KK4ITX   Rookie   FL
Good time many interesting contacts and longer QSO's than last year.

Many older hams on the air helping.

Should be a multiplier for hooking up with a sailboat in the southern Gulf of Mexico !!
KK4PC   Rookie   AL
My first Rookie Roundup and look forward to the next. Band conditions were not good, but was able to make contacts during the times that the bands were OK. Thanks!
KK4QOE   Rookie   FL
This was fun, glad I participated...
KK4TXZ   Rookie   GA
I had a blast today! It's too bad that the weather conditions weren't that great, and unfortunately, there were some high-powered stations that would tune within 2MHz of my frequency that I was calling CQ on. Also, it didn't help that it was Easter Sunday, so there weren't as many people on as I normally hear. Was pleased that I was getting great signal reports all across the country on my home-brew antenna and made contacts in Belgium, Barbados and several of the Canadian provinces.
KK6GMN   Rookie   CA
First contest. Had a blast!! Harder than it looks. Talked with a fellow who was licensed in 1925! Amazing. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
N3KN   Nonrookie   VA
It's fun to work the Rookies. Plenty of newer hams have fine operating skills.
N4JHW   Rookie   FL
I called many times but could not get any responses; This AZ contact was a search and pounce. My friend in Germany could not get any contacts in US either; I heard a Hawian station calling for his '66 year and could barely hear any of those Rookies. I think everybody was having Easter dinner. sigh
VE3JSO   Rookie   ON
not sure if i entered it right under the operator call and year if i need to enter mine or not please let me know if i need to correct it
VE8YK   Nonrookie   NWT
Interesting contest. Only 6 QSOs made. VY1MAB came in readable but poorly yet US stations came in clear from OR, ID, VA, WA and MT. VE8MT did operated most of the time - VE8IR only did one QSO. It was exciting to break through the noise and make a QSO. VE8MT tested out his Elecraft K2 SSB mode. Thanks. 73 from the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society (VE8YK).
VY1MAB   Rookie   YT
Thanks for the roundup. The conditions were horrible but that Is the nature of amateur radio.
WA9YI   Rookie   IN
This was fun, but given the suggested frequencies on 20 in the 14.240 to 14.250 range, I was really disappointed to see W1AW/0 and W1AW/5 move in on 14.245 and 14.255 about 2130 utc. The splatter from people calling them plus QRM from a few DX stations that set up just up the band from them really wiped out a big stretch of what you had billed as Rookie Roundup territory. Next contest, please have your Centennial stations try to stay clear of other ARRL eventers.

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