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August 2016 ARRL RTTY Rookie Roundup final scores are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Single Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KZ0H  MO27518910001 
Single Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KC1DKY  MA29719910001 
Single Op Call Area: W3
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KC3GRV  PA20811067001 
Single Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
K4SHK  FL1901599100 
KM4MK  GA322404000 
KK4ZUU  VA123123000 
Single Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
NJ8U  OK465111915000 
AK5CT  MS2752899101 
KM4SDN/5  MS23137710001 
Single Op Call Area: W6
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
WU6K  CA391151317000 
KK6UOB  CA982547000 
Single Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AB7BB  AZ3,9141304335210 
W7CYL  AZ2,4962223429111 
K1AUS  MT503505000 
Single Op Call Area: W9
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AD9LZ  WI651535000 
Multi-Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
N1FD (KC1ENX KC1FFX)  NH3,2201166033011
Multi-Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX


AA5VU   Nonrookie   TX
Had to change my exchange from DICK 73 TX to DICK 1973 TX to resolve confusing with 73. Wish I had dedicated more time to the contest.
AD9LZ   Rookie   WI
Could only work 20 meters. Fun none-the-less!
AK5CT   Rookie   MS
This is my last 'Rookie' contest. I was licensed late in 2014 so I missed those, but enjoyed the SSB and RTTYs ones in 2015 & 2016, Don't think I did to good this time. Thanks for the contests.
K1AUS   Rookie   MT
Poor conditions in MT. Over 4 hours only heard the same 4 stations fading in and out. Just an observation. As I was licensed in November of 2014, I won't be eligible for Rookie next year even though I will have only been licensed for 2 years not 3. Feels almost like I am missing out of a year.
K4SHK   Rookie   FL
Great fun - Thank you for the contest
K8UT   Nonrookie   MI
Did not have much time to operate, but in my brief operating time found very few rookies needing to be rounded-up.
KC1DKY   Rookie   MA
My second year (only one more as a rookie) and it was again a good time. I couldn't stay for the whole event unfortunately.
There were a lot of callers throwing out just their call signs but not responding; I'm guessing there was a DX I could not copy?
KC5DCT   Nonrookie   TX
Have a nice day.
KE0OR   Nonrookie   MN
Not a rookie but made my first two rtty contacts.
KK4ZUU   Rookie   VA
Bands not good today, two years in a row. Plus, a < 15 minute operating time, 40M only. Nothing on 20m earlier in the event.

SFI=076, SN=012, A=009, K=003, SN=2-3.
KM4SDN/5   Rookie   MS
One contact with IK2XDE, Andy licensed 96 from Italy.
KM4TIX   Rookie   FL
RooWe had 7 Rookie PCARS Club Members operate in this Contest. Some had operated before and some had never see RTTY in action. We operated on 20 meter mostly since there seemed to be little activity on the other bands. Everyone had a great time and got a good taste of how to operate RTTY. All are looking forward to the next Rookie Contest.
N1FD   Rookie   NH
Jamey (KC1ENX) and Abby (KC1FFX) Finchum operated in a multi-op entry using the Nashua Area Radio Club callsign, N1FD, host at the AB1QB/AB1OC station. We all had a great time and learned alot about RTTY contesting! Looking forward to the CW Rookie Roundup in December!
N1IXF   Nonrookie   CT
Good to work a few Rookies but wish there was more activity for this one.
W7CYL   Rookie   AZ
Lots of fun. Thanks to everyone (rookies and non-rookies) for the QSO's.

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