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April 2013 ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup final scores are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Single Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
NZ9Y  MN9,32016310735401 
KD0TSX  MO6,2642576035100 
KD0OIX  KS1,8483252724000 
KD0TPU  KS9454131920100 
KD0OJE  MN6725141416000 
KD0TJB  MO906716000 
Single Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AB1QB  NH11,73618016635100 
NT1Y  NH3,1502245728101 
KB1ZBU  VT1,0263221318000 
K1TNT  VT434413513001 
N1RLR  MA1445828000 
KB1YDO  MA326481001 
Single Op Call Area: W2
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD2BPJ  NY1,3201133421100 
KD2ARU  NJ240212010000 
Single Op Call Area: W3
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KB3YYB  DE3,3661353232001 
AB3RU  PA675222115000 
KB3VMR  MD2203948101 
Single Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
AK4RJ  NC10,2961748639401 
K4WSW  GA4,7362553830200 
KK4HEG  NC4,7043445930200 
AK4QR  AL3,7414385326201 
KK4DZP  FL2,3225273226001 
KK4CIS  FL2,2366243824101 
K4AMQ  TN782720617000 
KK4PHS  VA6158141315000 
N4PEG  FL555918115000 
AK4YW  GA4621015313001 
KK4JSJ  KY429115239211 
AK4ZF  AL3481214112000 
KK4IWW  GA242137811000 
KK4ITX  FL18014669001 
KK4AMR  NC180151009000 
K4CNY  AL12816808000 
KK4FOF  GA8417527000 
KK4LJG  GA7818616000 
K4VPZ  AL6519615000 
KK4IQD  NC5520515000 
KK4PHP  VA3221404000 
AK4ZG  GA622112000 
WX4TW  NC223101000 
Single Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KF5SDB  MS6,2621539628201 
K5KAC  AR4,1232307326401 
AF5DI  OK1,9323254219200 
KF5UCV  TX624415915001 
KF5UTS/AG  TX240510410000 
W5UNT (KF5SOQ)  TX21069310000 
W5TJS  OK1807929000 
KF5TWJ  AR968725001 
Single Op Call Area: W6
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KK6CWV/W6YX  CA12,34814915447200 
KJ6PUN  CA8,11225010837101 
KJ6PUO  CA2,7543167025101 
KJ6OSI  CA9804181318101 
KJ6MOK  CA721525537000 
KJ6QVB  CA7026162212100 
K6TDI  CA28071329100 
KJ6PZM  CA10889183000 
KJ6TTR  CA909635100 
KJ6ZNT  CA6610435010 
KJ6WAH  CA2811232011 
N6JMS  CA2812314000 
K6RQT  CA1813332000 
KJ6UEC  CA1214302000 
AG6QS  CA415201000 
Single Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
N7SMI  UT12,09517813939200 
KF7TLL  AZ6,80423911133201 
K9QJS  WA2,9703284326301 
WX7MB  AZ2,3494283127000 
KF7TAH  MT1,1595241319000 
KF7OLR  MT9126191915001 
W7PIG (KF7ZMO)  WA5647151711100 
KF7QIY  ID440819211000 
AE7DW  AZ308911610001 
W7PXL/K7JLP  OR11210646100 
KF7SFU  ID5611624000 
KF7QPK  NV4512414100 
Single Op Call Area: W8
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KD8QYE  MI1,062129118000 
KD8RPP  MI476215413001 
KD8QQH  MI963448000 
Single Op Call Area: W9
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
WD7I  WI3,5341374030001 
W9OAB (KC9YHH)  IL8162161617000 
KC9VAY  WI429316113000 
KC9LBO (KC9UJM)  WI784616000 
KD2CAP  IL555515000 
KC9WSO  IN446513001 
KC9WGZ  IL217313000 
KC9UHH  WI68112000 
Single Op Call Area: VE
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
VE7PFH  BC590121179001 
VY1MAB  YT407210176401 
Single Op Call Area: DX
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
HZ1TT  DX2,848187326411 
KP4MF  DX1,9502223124101 
Multi-Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
KD0PCP (KD0PCP AD0AK)  IA4,4371475929000
Multi-Op Call Area: W2
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
Multi-Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
K5WRN (K5WRN KJ5WRN/AG)  TX3,5001255033011
K5GVL (KF5RVV KF5QOZ)  TX9122172316000
Multi-Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
K7NGL (K7NGL K7PPY)  AZ1471937000
K7PPY (K7PPY K7NGL)  AZ1202846000
Multi-Op Call Area: W8
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
N8HR (KD8PIR KD8UAY)  OH12,94317515141200
W8WRK (KD8REE KD8RUG KD8RUH KD8SES)  OH1,4952222122100


My very first experience with HF was extremely fun. Thanks to my club members W7RIL (Riley) and N7IY (Peter) and the use of the club station W7PXL, I was able to reach out farther than the 2m/440 repeaters I have been able to experience so far. My focus on General and Extra just shifted into overdrive from this experience! Thank you! Jason W7PXL/K7JLP, OR

That's what it's all about, Jason! As RR continues to grow, it is beginning to take on the flavor of the fondly-remembered Novice Roundup contests so many of us old-timers enjoyed and used to jump-start our radiosport careers. Just as the old Novices had two years of Novice-hood, today's RR participants have their three years in the sun before moving on to bigger and better things. Such as? I saw both Anna W6NN and Joanna K6YL having a great time at the recent International DX Convention in Visalia, California (https://picasaweb.google.com/rawilson/2013VisaliaInternationalDXConvention) - the two of them had an epic competition during their years of RR eligibility and they've both built on that experience. Today's Rookies will, too!

Terrific turnout - this time around saw entries with 98 different calls and 114 Rookie operators! How about that 4th district with 23 single-op entries, the 6th district at 15, and a dozen from the 7th? Can we keep the trend headed up?

We had quite a race at the top among our western Single-Operator Rookies. Amanda KK6CWV piloted the Stanford Radio Club station W6YX overlooking Silicon Valley to the top at 12,348 points in a squeaker over Jared N7SMI who was only 253 points behind at 12,095 from Utah. Back east, Anita AB1QB scored 11,736 from NH to finish ahead of Joanne AK4RJ from NC who had 10,296 points. Anita also made the most QSOs of any entry with 80 Rookie and 166 non-Rookie QSOs. While Amanda was cranking out the QSOs, the other W6YX operating position was busy hosting several other entries, as well - how full was that parking lot anyway?

This time around was a high-water mark for the Multioperator category with 7 entries and 21 operators, including KJ5WRN who had just upgraded to General! The two-Rookie team at N8HR (KD8PIR and KD8UAY) topped the Multiop ranks and made the biggest score in the contest (12,943 points) with 226 QSOs. All you radio clubs out there - let's get more of our new hams on the HF bands with multioperator entries in the August RTTY contest!

Good DX was out there, too. It's great to see Ali HZ1TT and Felix KP4MF in the results, too - welcome! I hope we have more DX stations in the results of future Rookie Roundups, especially for the digital and CW versions. We can all encourage DX Rookies from around the world to join the fun.

A special thank-you to our cyber-host, Bruce WA7BNM, for creating the on-line reporting system. While a true real-time solution to contesting remains elusive, we continue to take steps in that direction. Bruce has extended his highly successful reporting format from the ARRL Frequency Measuring Tests (www.b4h.net/fmt/fmtresults201304.php) to provide quick reporting for the RR, too:

- publication of results immediately at the score submission deadline for future Rookie Roundups
- automatic sorting of the results and certificate generation
- full information from each station, including soapbox comments both with the station information and in a summary below the scores - always interesting reading!
- score summaries for past contests (including all three 2012 Rookie Roundups)

Great contest! 100 watts makes it interesting to find a spot and CQ, lots of rookies at the same frequencies I'm sure made it interesting for the veterans who came back us. Above all, thank you to all the non-rookie stations willing to take the time and give a rookie a point! Tony KD0TSX, MO

As always, thanks to the non-Rookies, including some Rookie Roundup veterans, who got on the air to make contacts and help the new hams: AB9XI AF5Q AF6RR AK4QU K1BG K7JKM KB6NU KD4QMY KD8OSD KF5BA KX9X N5XG VA3EEB W6JWP.


AB1QB   Rookie   NH
This was a great introduction to SSB contesting. I really enjoyed working the pileups on 20m - it helped to give me the confidence to work SSB as K2K in the upcoming 13 Colonies event the week of July 4. Thanks to all who worked me and for your kind words and encouragement!
AE7DW   Rookie   AZ
With bad starting conditions, I thought things could only get better... These were the worst propagation conditions I have ever encountered in my 11 months of being licensed (Hi-Hi)... I am very proud of all the contacts I made; I really had to work for them!!! Best contest ever!!! Thank you to all of the great radio operators that hung in there and dug me out of the noise..you guys and gals are awesome!!! My sincerest apologies to those I could not get through to or pull out of the noise. 73 de AE7DW.
AF5Q   Nonrookie   OK
This is my first time doing the Rookie Roundup. It was a pleasure to pass out calls to the rookie operators and hope to do it again soon.
AK4ZF   Rookie   AL
Had fun!
AK4ZG   Rookie   GA
I got my radio on the air for the first time and I made my first QSO. It was fun.
HZ1TT   Rookie   DX
K1TNT   Rookie   VT
This was a very cool experience! :-)
K4AMQ   Rookie   TN
This my first year participating and I had a lot of fun!
K4WSW   Rookie   GA
Very pleased to have made the Rookie Roundup this year, missed the first hour. It was great to work many rookies, thanks to all the non-rookie participants too! I for sure will want to put Rookie Round-up on my annual calendar to ensure a success year in, year out.

Bill K4WSW
Alpharetta, GA
K7NGL   Rookie   AZ
Loved this contest and can't wait to do this next year; one more time. I'm still "green" but loved participating.
K7PPY   Rookie   AZ
Loved the Rookie Round up!! Nice work everyone!! Looking forward to next year. Called "CQ, CQ, CQ Contest Rookie Roundup K7PPY w/ Company" Learned a lot!
K9QJS   Rookie   WA
Lots of fun and it seemed like more Rookies participated this year than last. Not all experienced Hams new about the Rookie Roundup, and all were friendly and supportive.
KB1YDO   Rookie   MA
Operatored 10-Meter Band only 28.300 - 28.500
KB6NU   Nonrookie   MI
I just happened across a couple of rookies on Sunday. If I'd have had more time, I would have tried to work more of them.
KC9LBO   Rookie   WI
It was a lot more fun than last year!!

Tahmara Kc9ujm Age-10
KC9UHH   Rookie   WI
caught me on a sick day - watch out next year!!!
KD0PCP   Rookie   IA
Score submitted by Jason Joens (KD0MND) Please CC emails to jason@kd0mnd.com
KD0TSX   Rookie   MO
Great contest! 100 watts makes it interesting to find a spot and CQ, lots of rookies at the same frequencies I'm sure made it interesting for the veterans who came back us. Above all, thank you to all the non-rookie stations willing to take the time and give a rookie a point!
KD2ARU   Rookie   NJ
Interesting - Late in contest started hearing non rookies getting back to contestants. Some of the 20m time found a lot of fadding in and out. Learned to time calls based on that cycle time.
KD2BPJ   Rookie   NY
I had a wonderful time.
My very first contest and I cant wait till another one! Thank you.
This was a wonderful opportunity to talk on HF and I cant wait to upgrade to General so I can do it all the time!
KD8QYE   Rookie   MI
was fun and was able to get my last to states
KF5BA   Nonrookie   MS
No longer a rookie. Just helping Qualified Rookies with points.


Bobby, KF5BA
KF5SDB   Rookie   MS
That was a lot of fun. First contest I've worked. Log uploaded to Logbook of the World. Paper log on request. Cheers and 73!
KF5UTS/AG   Rookie   TX
Was operating qrp with new general privileges (/AG)
KF7QIY   Rookie   ID
Thanks AARL
KF7QPK   Rookie   NV
Had fun! Bands didnt cooperate with me, but enjoyed!
KF7TAH   Rookie   MT
My first time ever on HF, thanks. 73
KJ6PUN   Rookie   CA
The Rookie Roundups have been a great oppurtunity to get on the air at a great station. Many thanks to Rebar (N6DB) and the Stanfard Amateur Radio club for hosting us during this contest.
KJ6PUO   Rookie   CA
A big day of first for me. My first time working on 15m and 40m, my first DX contact, the most contacts I've ever made in a single day. The rookie roundup has been a great skill and confidence builder. Many thanks to Rebar (N6DB) and the Stanford University club for hosting me and my son for the contest.
KJ6PZM   Rookie   CA
It was certainly fun and interesting! :)
KK4CIS   Rookie   FL
Many thanks to the ARRL and to the participants for a fun contest. 20m was very crowded and propagation was nUnfortunately, no other band was working when 20m was somewhat open;ot that great from SFL. however, I enjoyed a brief run on 15m late in the day. See you in the RTTY test. 73 de KK4CIS
KK4DZP   Rookie   FL
I really had a blast this year. This is my final year to be able to enter this SSB contest as a rookie; However, I will be out there working all the rookies in the futre contests for years to come!!! Thanks to those who made a contect with me in this contest. Good luck to all and good DX!! 73
KK4HEG   Rookie   NC
KK4ITX   Rookie   FL
Good time was had by all. Electrical storm activity made copy difficult to impossible on 20m.
KK4JSJ   Rookie   KY
Bands weren't the greatest here in Kentucky but it was fun to hear the pileups for the YL's. Very pleased with the help and friendly attitudes of all the OMs that were eager to help us rookies.
KK6CWV/W6YX   Rookie   CA
This was a bunch of fun!! Grateful to have been able to participate. Not sure i wrote the scoring correctly so here is the numbers on my log traking program.

Qso's: 203

P: 252

M: 49

Total: 12348
N1RLR   Rookie   MA
All band conditions were less than nice; but did manage to bag NH, VT, and NJ in the last 10 minutes of contests. Big thanks to AF1T for making contacts with any rookie out there.Unfortunately, this was my first and only Rookie Roundup; but I will be out there next year to give the rookies some points.

Dick Russell - N1RLR
N4PEG   Rookie   FL
This was a great time for me. I started out with KK4KYL in Aug of 2012 and was able to get my Vanity call, N4PEG in 2013. I will be on next year for sure. CW is going to be my next challenge and may get to participate in that one also.
Peggy - N4PEG
N5XG   Nonrookie   TX
I remember the Novice Round Up days in the 50's and this sounded interesting, it was.
N7SMI   Rookie   UT
Thanks for another great rookie roundup! Conditions were not very good, but I had a lot of fun working 20 meters almost exclusively. Thanks to all the non-rookies who worked us.
N8HR   Rookie   OH
What a great contest! Tyler and I had a great time working 'em as fast as they called! Sweepstakes anyone!?
NT1Y   Rookie   NH
Had a blast! Lots of action on 20, but a noise floor of S8 killed me. Got more DX than stateside on 20. I'll be back next year to help the rookies.
NZ9Y   Rookie   MN
Very fun to see so many old timers, licensed 40-50 even 60 years coming out to work us rookies! -NZ9Y
VE7PFH   Rookie   BC
This was Pam's first contest in the run mode and she did very well particularly with the phonetics. I am sure she will be in the shack again for more contesting in the very near future.

Fred VE7IO
W7PXL/K7JLP   Rookie   OR
My very first experience with HF was extremely fun. Thanks to my club members W7RIL(Riley) and N7IY(Peter) and the use of the club station W7PXL, I was able to reach out farther than the 2m/440 repeaters I have been albe to experience so far. My focus on General and Extra just shifted into overdive from this experience!

Thank you!
W8WRK   Rookie   OH
These newer operators had a great time!
WD7I   Rookie   WI
Thanks for running this nice contest.

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