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ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup2012  April
Op's Full NameEntrant Type
Georgia Belmont   Rookie
Call UsedStation CallCategoryLocationCall Area
KD2BSM  N2FF  Single Op  NY  W2
Op CallFirst LicensedEntrant Type
KD2BSM  2012  Rookie
Score Calculation:
QSOs Multipliers
 Rookie  Non-Rookie   States  VE Prov/Ter  XE Areas  DX 
QSO Points Total Multipliers Total Score
( 0 + 3 )x2 = 6

There was no one who wanted to talk to me. As a Tecnician I was limited to ten meters which was pretty dead. This was fantastic motivation to pass the General, which I am taking tomorrow night in NYC. This was my sewcond contest since getting my license in February. My first was multi operator effort in the CQWW WPX SSB Contest which I did with my grandfather, N2FF, where I made almost 200 QSOs in four hours. I am thirteen years old and in the eight grade.