2016  February
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
K5LBJ  Senior High SchoolLASA High School Amateur Radio Club17
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
KC5EES  TX  Ronny Risinger  
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With an S5 noise level on 20m, this SCR week was a challenge. But, despite no great band openings, the K5LBJ students made their 2nd highest number of SCR QSOs, ever. Aided by spotting on the DX clusters, students (especially a few determined YLs) learned to "run stations" like true contesters. Demonstrating skill and professionalism, they managed to make 915 contacts. Very proud of their persistence to get on the air and many thanks to those that took the time to speak to the students of K5LBJ. 73- Ronny Risinger, KC5EES (Trustee for K5LBJ, Austin, TX)