2018  February
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
N0HCS  Senior High SchoolHarbor City International High School11
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
KD0YQA  MN  Anthony (Nick) Mullozzi  
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N0HCS Harbor City High school had a great time in the February 2018 School Club roundup. We focused primarily on digital and worked hard to get our contacts in between piano lessons, play practice, dance class, clubs, homework and other commitments. We were able to be on the air for around 16 hours. We have been in the contest for a few years as the Duluth Childrens museum club N0DCM and moved to the high school and N0HCS as the kids got older. We enjoyed PSK 31 chats with several individuals, schools, and clubs around the country. 73 to all that participated!