2014  February
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
W6BB  College/UniversityUniversity of California, Berkeley1
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
AG6RB  CA  William Mitchell  
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Conditions were great Wednesday morning, with a 10 m run for a few hours. Often a pileup 2-3 deep, up to 5-7 deep. Much more fading Thursday morning and no continuous activity, though Senegal was an unexpected treat---initially missed the callsign as W7RV, but he came back clearly with 6W7RV!

It was great to hear a number of school stations out there and to make a bunch of contacts in what I expect to be my last SCR as a student. K5LBJ in particular was coming in well both days. I hope to hear you all again March 21-28, 2014, as W6BB celebrates its centennial under special event callsign W6C.