2016  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
W8UM  College/UniversityUniversity of Michigan Amateur Radio Club1
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
N9KIT  MI  Kit Ng  
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Thanks everyone for the Q's. This contest was worked single op for about 4 hrs + 1 hr for equipment setup. So total 5hrs, over three days. Since this was just me operating, I'll take the time to share my thoughts.

Station: Yaesu + Heathkit linear ~500W SSB (amp), 100W (no amp) CW into SteppIR beam pointed into Texas (wrong way) most of the time. This set of Q's were my first on SSB. On the first day, it took me 20 minutes and a manual to figure out how to get power out of the transmitter, another 20 to learn that the mic gain needs to be turned quite high, and another twenty to figure out that 20m was on USB.
I used pencil and paper for the whole contest, then transferred it into cabrillo afterwards. My handwriting wasn't the best. Apologies for any missed calls.

That's what you get from a (slow!) CW op.

As always, thanks to the folks here running at W8UM for keeping the equipment maintained and ready for operation, thanks to those who answered my calls (and the patience from the lone CT1 station), and thanks to the people who are running SCR!

Note for SCR: Really, SCR and schools should encourage CW. Extra points for CW as an incentive for future competitions?