2015  February
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W1WBB  Individual1
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
W1WBB  RI  Bill Bliss  
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Great activity from the many schools on-air! It's always a pleasure to chat with the students...the future of ham radio!! Made 85% of QSOs on 20m band. The 10m band seemed was open all week. More 40m activity would be nice as well to work the Northeast schools/clubs from here. Unfortunately no CW contacts made. May I suggest **specific listening times/frequencies** for the CW and digital modes (worth double the points!) in future SCRs to promote activity on these modes?? Such as... check "on the half-hour" and +/- .035 on CW; +/- .075 on digital up from bottom of band. Once spotted, QSOs will follow! Overall, a very nice event. Looking forward to the next SCR!