2014  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
KB3BRT  Elementary/Primary SchoolCowanesque Valley School ARC16
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
K3LTM  PA  Bruce Weaver  
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Our Radio Club at Westfield Area Elem. Sch. has been a part of the School Club Roundup since 1995 and we have thoroughly enjoyed each and every contact. I would like to thank all of the hams that have taken the time to visit and encourage the hundreds of students who have manned the mic at our station through the years. Many former students have told me they still remember their contacts and still have the QSLs. Thanks for the memories, Bruce (K3LTM) Advisor - KB3BRT, Cowanesque Valley School ARC at Westfield Elem Sch. PA