2018  October
Call UsedCategorySchool/Club NameParticipants
KN4BBD  Senior High SchoolPinson Vally High School42
Primary Operator/Sponsor:
AB4WL  AL  Ken Moore  
ScoreCW/RTTY/Dig QsPhone QsUSVEDXClubsSchools

The October 2018 School Club Round Up was an exciting event for the Pinson Valley High School Amateur Radio Club as it marked the inauguration of our new, permanent club station. We were recently gifted equipment from the estate of silent key W4WFA and five local volunteers worked with us to get the station up and operational in time for the School Club Round Up. Our students enjoyed participating and for many of them, this was their first exposure to amateur radio. Some of their comments included, “It’s amazing that you can talk to someone so far away without a phone.” and “I want to learn more about digital modes.” They were especially excited when they were able to work DX and when there was a pile up.