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April 2018 ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup final scores are listed below. Click on a call to see the entry details.

Single Op Call Area: W0
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
K0LVM  CO2,0521203626100 
KE0HZX  NE512281616000 
AD0ZC  NE336341614000 
K0BHJ  MN25241089000 
KE0IAA  IA242561011000 
K0LTC (K0TJR)  MN1336916100 
KE0JYJ  NE1267907000 
K0CHK  CO668356000 
WE0IRD  IA409325000 
NE0DB  CO3210404000 
KE0OJE  MO2711093000 
WD0DAH  ND1812303000 
KE0JWQ  CO1213142000 
Single Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
N1TRK  VT1,3491144317101 
K1DVL  CT364213212100 
KC1ILT  ME18031008100 
AB1ZQ  VT184303000 
Single Op Call Area: W2
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
K2RYD  NY4,8981388229200 
KD2OUQ  NY5922131115100 
KD2NOY  NY5603141213100 
KD2KSG  NY528412916000 
KD2KEH  NY1535579000 
Single Op Call Area: W3
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KC3HFG  PA1,0541202217000 
K3RRP  MD378214148100 
KC3ROB  MD325341712100 
WW3TRG  PA308481211000 
Single Op Call Area: W4
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
W0WCR  SC7,0201597734101 
KN4EQS/AG  TN4,7852455531101 
KM4ZWP  FL4,4483356929201 
W4BBT  NC3,9604478621100 
KX4HL  FL2,9455293730001 
KF4WLS  KY2,1126293821100 
W4TYB  GA1,9987246318000 
W4VVK  TN9728191617100 
K4AKK  TN518917313100 
KN4AYV  NC22510978100 
W8BRY  VA72114103100 
KK4BK  NC5512515000 
KN4EWI  NC3013503000 
KN4RD  FL814202000 
Single Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
K5LGX  TX2,5381293627000 
WW5L  LA1,6502164321100 
AG5DB  OK9693172317000 
KG5YFQ  LA8541155000 
W5MCO  NM525292020 
KG5WEO  TX46201000 
Single Op Call Area: W6
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
N6REK  CA2,3761283225101 
N6JCA  CA629282116100 
KM6NQH  CA23136911000 
KM6NEA/AG  CA19046710000 
Single Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
WY4RC/7 (KZ0P)  UT2,1361234323100 
KI7SCE  WA702282317100 
KI7DNL  UT553515000 
Single Op Call Area: W8
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
KE8IVY  OH3,3921334030101 
KE8HZZ  OH779262918100 
KE8GDD  WV353154100 
Single Op Call Area: VE
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDXTeam
VA3FUZ  ON2,2681292328000 
VE3AND  ON576215615100 
Multi-Op Call Area: W1
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
Multi-Op Call Area: W5
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
N5HR (KG5TKV KG6GZB AG6WD)  TX1,1801211720000
Multi-Op Call Area: W7
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
W7DK (KI7TPO KI7SCO KI7SCN W7OWI W7MKE)  WA2,1171193525301
W7BAR (KI7VZL KI7VZM WA7AL)  UT2,009283335501
Multi-Op Call Area: W8
Call UsedQTHScoreRankRook QsNonrook QsUSVEXEDX
K8EEN (W8DOH KE8HGE)  OH15411107000


AG5DB   Rookie   OK
I had only tried a little search and pounce for the last 2 year's Rookie Roundup; finally decided to call CQ for the last year of my Rookie status. Despite rather poor band condx, I had a pretty good time for for ~2 hours that I was on 20m. Enjoyed the short rag-chews with quite a few rookies and OM's along the way as well.
K0LVM   Rookie   CO
This is Lily's first venture into the contesting world of ham radio.
She is a little tired now and enjoyed herself very much.
K1MTD   Nonrookie   CT
I am a Non-Rookie, but wanted to participate to give our Rookies some extra contacts. It was fun to work them. They were enthusiastic and excited to be on the air.
K5LGX   Rookie   TX
Fun contest. The bands yo-yo'd all afternoon.
KC3ROB   Rookie   MD
That was fun!
KD2KEH   Rookie   NY
Total Score = 153
KD2OUQ   Rookie   NY
Should come out to 592 points. This was an awesome experience.
KE0JWQ   Rookie   CO
All contacts made QRP 5 watts portable.
KI7SCE   Rookie   WA
Even with a broken radio and bad weather, I still had a blast. Thanks to everyone who pulled my weak signal out of the noise. :)
KK4BK   Rookie   NC
Thank You. I didnt score alot, but I had fun, and that is what counts.

KM6NEA/AG   Rookie   CA
This was GREAT fun. I had to wrap up an hour and a half early which was too bad because I was having a blast. I'll certainly do more of these contests.
KN4EWI   Rookie   NC
Fun stuff from a rookie already worn out from a busy contest weekend. Wish you checked logs for this, but was nice to hear at least one rookie op working his very first contest and doing a great job at that!! Come to think of it, maybe the lack of log check is a good thing for that reason!
KX4HL   Rookie   FL
It started out really slow but really picked up the last hour.
N1FD   Rookie   NH
Nashua Area Radio Society multi-op entry held at QTH of AB1QB and AB1OC. 4 of our Rookies were just licensed in February and made their first HF contacts right before the contest. It was great to see how much working this contest improved their operating skills. Operators and Elmers all had a great time. Special thanks to Abby, AB1BY, our most experienced Rookie who also elmered the new Hams.
N1TRK   Rookie   VT
First attempt at contesting and logging on N1MM. Finished setting up homebrewed and modeled quad in the ice storm minutes before the contest. Used homebrewed elevated vertical as well. I operated at 100 watts on 20 meters. Busted my first qso by erasing their callsign. Great practice and enormously fun! Thanks ARRL. N1TRK
N5HR   Rookie   TX
N5HR is the club station of the Hill Country Amateur Radio Club. Our three operators either were licensed in 2016, 2017 or 2018, OR had not previously worked an HF SSB contest (per rules). All contacts were made under the call N5HR and the check given was 18, since it was unclear from the rules as to what check to give out when operating in the multioperator category. K4DG was control operator for the station, but did not get on the air.
W0WCR   Rookie   SC
Had lots of fun! First contest!!
W4BBT   Rookie   NC
Good time but a lot of frequencies taken by GA QSO Party. Bad thunderstorm made it hard to hear some stations. All in all, I had a good time and met a lot of nice hams.
W4TYB   Rookie   GA
All contacts on 7.288. Whew! Great fun and a sore right leg from my xmit pedal.
W7BAR   Rookie   UT
I learned a lot from this experience as I didn't understand how to contest. With me being a brand new extra also newly-licensed I had the Privileges to be able to be on any frequency legally. There was a lot of trial and error but we tried and it was a good time thanks for putting on the Roundup
W7DK   Rookie   WA
Great chance for Radio Club of Tacoma members to try out our newly installed station. For several this was also there first QSO.
WW3TRG   Rookie   PA
Had a great time.
WY4RC/7   Rookie   UT
N1MM incorrectly logged some years as 99 when inputting 4 digit years so some years might be off.

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