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ARRL CW Rookie Roundup2012  December
Op's Full NameEntrant Type
James Clay   Rookie
Call UsedStation CallCategoryLocationCall Area
K4AOA  K4AOA  Single Op  NC  W4
Op CallFirst LicensedEntrant Type
K4AOA  2011  Rookie
Score Calculation:
QSOs Multipliers
 Rookie  Non-Rookie   States  VE Prov/Ter  XE Areas  DX 
QSO Points Total Multipliers Total Score
( 22 + 36 )x24 = 1,392

I really enjoyed this event using my El-Key given to me by Brian, K3KO. My last qso was a highlight, while running on 7.051, getting a call from 9A206W. Antenna was a homebrew 12g stranded wire dipole with 70 watts. It was my final contact of the day and brought a big smile, and sense of satifaction. Thank you to all who worked me and happy hollidays. 73/Jim/K4AOA