Log Submission - Mar 2020

Use this form to submit your Cabrillo-formatted log for the Stew Perry contest for log checking. The form software will briefly check your log submission for proper format and completeness before uploading it to the log checking database. All fields are required

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What's the highest output power you used during the contest? 5W or less   100W or less   1500W or less  

How many people operated under the call used during the contest? Only one   More than one   Checklog  

What spotting assistance did you use during the contest? None   Local skimmer   Spotting network/RBN  

Receiver location? Local   Not local, but within 100 km   Greater than 100 km  

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Plaques Check any plaques, for which you believe you may be eligible, from the following list:

Top Score, Vintage Station, Single-Op Low-Power pre 1963 TX and RX
Sunrise Award, Top Score, Single-Op World High-Power, limited to two hours prior to sunrise
Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power, First Time from Wisconsin
Top Score, Operator < 21 years old
Top Score, < 1/4 acres (1012 sq meters) - Master of Small Lot
Top Score, Single-Op LP, CQ Zone 3
Top # Grids, Single-Op minimally directional antennas (TX and RX)
Top Score, 100% Search-and-Pounce
Top Score, Single-Op, Temp Antennas erected in December 2019
Top Score, Single-Op USA Low-Power, Multiband vertical, non-resonant, tuner in shack
Back yard special (Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power USA, < 4500 Sq Ft lot, < 35' high random wire)
Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters, Top Score, Single-Op +/- 15 degrees latitude
Single-Op, Daytime operation only (sunrise to sunset)
Top Score, Single-Op QRP, CQ Zone 4, K9JWV Memorial